My GitHub + first simple project published

I have eventually set up my GitHub account and published some of my code. The URL of the account is:

And the first and very basic project is:



WebThermometer is a WPF application to be used as a desktop gadget. It repeatedly downloads (default is 5 min. interval) current temperature from arbitrary web site and displays it. I personally find it useful as I like to observe current weather conditions right from my computer. I tried to write in a way so that it can easily be modified for use with other data sources. You can also download already compiled and ready to run version from my Polish blog.

My plan is to successively select some of my entire projects and some code snippets which in my opinion are and/or will somehow be valuable to show and demonstrate. You can freely modify and recompile all of the published code providing that you specify it has originally been authored by me.

PS. Today auto updating mechanism of my WordPress failed (apparently this sometimes happens) and I ended up with damaged entire installation. I restored from backup and I apologize for deleting few comments since last 2 months.

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